Quiet Study Rooms/Areas

Given the abundance of common areas, desks and tables; and the large number of group study rooms, the faculty and graduate student study room on the third floor really ought to be “quiet”, as it is labeled. In reality, it is a place for students to come and talk, engage in group study, eat lunch, and pretty much do whatever they want — but should be doing ANYwhere else in the library. The fourth floor sometimes suffers the same problem — especially during breaks. My suggestion is for the library to have its workers that are shelving books make periodic stops (maybe every 1/2 hour) to check in and ensure that the quiet areas are actually that — QUIET. Rather than being given a warning, offenders should be asked to relocate within the library. The policy is clear, and the words “Quiet Study Area” are painted in letters six inches high on the door itself — if common sense didn’t avail on the way in, it’s unlikely that common courtesy will take hold once they’re there.

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