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Start Date: 20211130

Auburn University Libraries has chosen to celebrate the return of football to the plains in its newly created Ralph Brown Draughon Library first floor exhibit space. The inaugural exhibit, displaying memorabilia and artifacts from the Charles Johnson Collection, is sure to please Auburn football fans. On display are materials showcasing Auburn’s three Heisman Trophy winners: Pat Sullivan (1971), Bo Jackson (1985), and Cam Newton (2010).

“We’re very excited to have this new display space. It will allow us to better share treasures of the Special Collections and Archives with many more people,” said Greg Schmidt, acting head of Special Collections and Archives at Auburn University Libraries. “This space was completed in September, so it seemed only logical that we make its first exhibit something for the football season. Heisman winners are the gold standard of collegiate players and Auburn has had three. We’re proud to honor Sullivan, Jackson and Newton with this exhibit and we hope that tailgating Auburn fans will make a gameday visit to Draughon Library to see it.”

Unlike previous exhibits displayed in the Special Collections and Archives department on the ground floor of RBD Library that had limited hours compared to the main areas of the library, the new first floor exhibit area is open during all hours the RBD Library is open. And as the parking deck adjacent to RBD Library is open to all after 6 p.m., the public will have more opportunities to enjoy Special Collections and Archives exhibits.

Going forward, Schmidt has indicated that he has plans for many more exhibits in the new display area that are sure to educate and entertain Auburn students and the public at large.

Encyclopedia of Alabama articles on Auburn Football:

Auburn University Football

John Heisman

Ralph “Shug” Jordon

Pat Dye

Pat Sullivan

Bo Jackson

George Petrie

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Start Date: 20211004

To mark National Voter Registration Day, Auburn University Libraries and the League of Women Voters of East Alabama will be hosting a voter registration and information event on Tuesday September 28 in the Ralph Brown Draughon Library.  A second voter registration event at the library will be held the following week on Monday October 4.  Those wishing to register to vote or just wanting information on voting are welcome to stop by.

A help desk staffed by League of Women Voters volunteers will provide information about voter registration and general voting information. Laptops will be available at the help desk so that individuals may register to vote online. 

The help desk will be located at the 1st floor parking deck entrance to RBD Library, adjacent to the circulation desk and will be staffed between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. Approved virus safety protocols will be observed.

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POSTED: 1:58 PM, July 9, 2021

During the month of July, AU Libraries, in partnership with U.S. Census Bureau, is offering two webinars:

  • Census Data for Community Analysis(July 16th)
  • How to Access Race and Ethnicity Data(July 23rd)

The U.S Census is one of the most important datasets available to researchers.  Census data is used to guide business and economic development, community planning, social services, and healthcare delivery. The first webinar, Census Data for Community Analysis, will address how to access key demographic, social, economic, and housing indicators for research involving community analysis. Participants will:

  • Learn to access neighborhood-level data (zip code and census tracts) to conduct community analysis
  • Learn how to work with current data on age, income, poverty, race/ethnicity, health, and other community analysis measures
  • Learn to download datasets from and other Census sites

Time: 60 minutes; both webinars will be held on a Friday, from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.


For more information & to register, go to:

Registration is free.

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POSTED: 1:27 PM, July 2, 2021

Auburn University Libraries’ Innovation and Research Commons DataSpace will be offering in-person consultants three days a week beginning immediately.

DataSpace offers one-on-one support for data services and workflows. I&RC staff experts in Python, R, ArcGIS, Excel, shell scripting, and other data visualization tools are available to meet with users in-person or over Zoom. They can answer questions about general programming, automating research processes, data cleanup, or just getting code to run. All questions are welcome, from the basics up through complex modeling.

In-person hours for the I&RC DataSpace will be:

Monday 10 a.m. to noon

Tuesday 2 to 8 p.m.

Wednesday 10 a.m. to noon and 1 to 4 p.m.

For more information on DataSpace services, go to

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POSTED: 8:45 AM, June 18, 2021
Start Date: 20210625

AU Libraries is partnering with the U.S. Census Bureau to offer three webinars of particular interest to our campus and local community:

  • Census Data for Businesses & Entrepreneurs(June 25th)
  • Census Data for Community Analysis(July 16th)
  • How to Access Race and Ethnicity Data(July 23rd)

The first webinar, Census Data for Businesses & Entrepreneurs, will explore finding data for those seeking to understand the business landscape of a specific region. Participants will:

  • Access statistics on consumer characteristics in market area
  • Access statistics on businesses in specific industries, including data on sales, receipts, payroll, etc.
  • Access local business profiles and reports for desired geography or region
  • Use the Census Business Builder tool to access and visualize Census data
  • Understand the various sources of Census demographic and economic data programs
  • Access business data using North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes

Time: 60 minutes; all webinars will be held on a Friday, from 12-1 PM.


For more information & to register, go to:

Registration is FREE.

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POSTED: 3:03 PM, May 4, 2021

Due to an Interlibrary Loan server and system upgrade designed to improve service to library patrons, the ILLiad Document Delivery Service will be down Monday, May 10 at 9 a.m. until the work is complete, which may be through Friday, May 14, 2021.

During the maintenance period users will not be able to place new Interlibrary borrowing requests, download PDF copies of articles, track or change existing requests, renew Interlibrary borrowing books, or any other function that requires ILLiad support.

ILLiad users may submit requests before this scheduled shutdown in order to avoid delays in receiving materials. Normal processing of requests will resume as soon as the systems work is complete. For questions, call (334) 844-1728 or email

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POSTED: 2:46 PM, May 4, 2021

The Innovation & Research Commons (I&RC) is offering additional socially-distanced guided tours of their newly renovated AU Libraries space on the 1st floor of the Ralph Brown Draughon Library. Formerly known as the MDRL, the I&RC [] provides creative space, technology, and assistance for AU students, faculty, and staff to explore and work on individual assignments and class projects. Areas visited on the tour include the Makerspace, Adobe Creative Space, Audio Studio, DataSpace, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Space, and Technology Lending. Explore these inspiring new facilities and resources and learn how you can use the I&RC more effectively in coursework and research. 

Thirty-minute tours are available May through July, registration required. Find the tour flyer here [ ] Tours are led by I&RC staff.

Unable to meet at one of the listed times? Contact us to schedule a custom date and time. Classes welcome; contact us to schedule. 

I&RC Tour Contact: Chelsy Hooper  


Register for a tour:  

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POSTED: 2:45 PM, May 4, 2021

The Innovation and Research Commons (I&RC) [ ] at Ralph Brown Draughon Library is highlighting student work on their Liquid Galaxy wall display. Jonah Lasley, Chelsy Hooper, and Chris Mixon are working with instructors and students in two classes: Urban Design Studio (CPLN 7200) and Science Communication (ESSI 7150) to display their work.


Over the spring semester, students used software such as Adobe InDesign, Adobe Premiere Rush, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and more to create their projects, with instructional assistance from the I&RC staff. After providing permission for their work to be displayed via student talent release forms, participants share their work to an online workspace for file preparation. Displays of student work have begun this week and will be displayed intermittently over the next semester.


View student projects currently on the exhibit loop of the Liquid Galaxy display on the 1st floor of the Library. Find more information at

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POSTED: 10:54 AM, March 2, 2021

Each year, Auburn University holds Tiger Giving Day, a one-day event when donors are asked to fund special projects by various units of the university. This year, Auburn University Libraries sought funding from donors to save more than 200 U-matic format video tapes from the 1970s, ’80s and ‘90s that have been unviewable for more than two decades. Through the generosity of donors, the funds needed to make these videos available online in a digital format were raised.

“We are so grateful to the Tiger Giving Day donors for giving us the opportunity to preserve so many of these U-matic analog video tapes,” said Greg Schmidt, head of special collections and archives at Auburn University Libraries. “Old analog media does have a self-life and the technology to read them is beginning to disappear. When the physical media degrades or the last machine that can read them breaks beyond repair, the contents will be lost to history. We have to act now to ensure that does not happen.”

AU Libraries’ special collections and archives has been hard at work for more than a decade to find ways to transfer legacy analog and digital media to modern formats. This effort creates files that can be stored in a variety of ways to give future researchers access to the history they hold. The department has acquired several pieces of equipment to aid in this effort, such as reel-to-reel, cassette, and even Digital Compact Cassette audio tape players to digitize legacy audio recordings. But some formats, such as the U-matic video tapes, cannot be processed in-house.

“U-matic tapes are a different animal when it comes to digitizing their content,” said Schmidt. “U-matic was a professional grade analog video tape that was mainly used to produce television content. There were never that many of the players and those that remain in use require professional servicing and maintenance. We will be sending our tapes to one of the professional video transfer companies to ensure we have the greatest chance of getting as much as possible from the tapes we hold.”

During 2021 Tiger Giving Day, 198 donors gave $12,168 (well above the $10,000 goal) for the project.

“We like to think that most people don’t want to lose the memories these tapes contain to time and advancing technology,” said Schmidt. “This is not the first time that the Auburn Family of givers has helped us save legacy media in our collection. I’m sure it won’t be the last.”

Digital content of the Auburn University Libraries may be found at and

Auburn University is a nationally ranked land grant institution recognized for its commitment to world-class scholarship, interdisciplinary research with an elite, top-tier Carnegie R1 classification, life-changing outreach with Carnegie’s Community Engagement designation and an undergraduate education experience second to none. Auburn is home to more than 30,000 students, and its faculty and research partners collaborate to develop and deliver meaningful scholarship, science and technology-based advancements that meet pressing regional, national and global needs. Auburn’s commitment to active student engagement, professional success and public/private partnership drives a growing reputation for outreach and extension that delivers broad economic, health and societal impact.


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POSTED: 3:59 PM, January 28, 2021

The Special Collections and Archives of Auburn University Libraries is continuing its efforts to document the efforts of Auburn University and its students, faculty, and staff in adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic archive already contains many items from official Auburn sources. What the collection lacks is more personal items. Especially items from students.

“We’ve been very successful at capturing the items about the pandemic from sources like the president and provost’s offices, and the posters and signage produced by the university,” said Tommy Brown, archivist and associate professor at AU Libraries’ Special Collections and Archives. “What we lack is the more personal aspect of the pandemic. Like a face mask that was worn for a special occasion. A t-shirt for an event during the pandemic. Photographs of students in their masks or perhaps participating in a Zoom class. All of these are items that seem mundane now, but one day will be the things that give historians the complete picture of the pandemic at Auburn University.”

Students and other members of the Auburn Family are asked to donate physical items of all kinds, including: photographs, diaries, posters, students assignments, t-shirts, ephemera of any kind.  Basically, anything connected with the pandemic.

Digital files are also welcome: photos, word docs, diaries, syllabi, assignments, video/audio files.  Most paper items can be scanned or photographed and converted into PDFs.  People can fill out the online information and upload their files as many times as they want.

Questions about donating items may be addressed to Tommy Brown,, (334) 844-1733.

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