9:29 AM, April 11, 2008

The JSTOR database has recently been upgraded.  Changes include the following:

a)  Basic Search:  this type of search searches the full-text of all journals and can be entered directly from the home page by authorized users.  Basic searches can be limited by discipline.

b)  Advanced Search:  these searches can be limited by selecting discipline(s) or specific journal titles, or by directly entering a specific title into the form.

c)  Proximity Search is now available in the Advanced Search form, using NEAR 5, NEAR 10, NEAR 25 operators in the Boolean pull-down menus.

d)  Basic and Advanced Searches:  searches from an individual session are saved, and they can be rurun from a drop-down menu at the bottom of each of these search forms.  Users are able to search for both the singular and plural versions of a word by adding an ampersand (&) to the end of the singular form of the word.  Plurals now identify both regular (cat/cats) and irregular (knife/knives) plural forms.

e)  Article Page Viewing:  thumbnail images of articles make it easier to see articles at a glance and to select pages within articles.

f)  Simplified Print and Viewing of Article FDF Files:  JSTOR now offers articles in a single, improved format of PDF for printing.  The PDF versions of articles provide bookmarks for easier navigation, both throughout the article as well as the entire issue.

JSTOR provides access to several collections of backfiles of scholarly publications covering the social sciences, humanities, and sciences.  JSTOR includes the full runs of each journal, generally up to 1 - 7 years from the present.  Note:  Auburn University subscribes to the Arts & Science I & II Collections and the Health & General Science Collection.

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