8:10 AM, August 15, 2008

Recently added to the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) database is the data set, "Ithaka 2006 Survey of U. S. Higher Education Faculty Attitudes and Behaviors" (Study No. 22700).

This study was conducted in order to contribute to community understanding of the attitudes and behaviors of higher education faculty members regarding online resources, the library, and related topics.  This study, from 2006, builds upon similar studies performed in 2000 (by JSTOR) and 2003 (by Ithaka), and may be compared with data on many of the same topics gathered from librarians in 2006.  This survey covers a wide range of topics, including the relationship between faculty and their campus library, faculty dependence on electronic scholarly resources for research and teaching, the transition from print to electronic for scholarly journals, faculty publishing preferences, e-books, digital institutional repositories, and the preservation of scholarly journals.  This study also offers a descriptive overview of faculty attitudes, behaviors, perceptions, and preferences.  Demographic variables for faculty include age, gender, instititon size, discipline affiliation, and number of books published.

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