10:52 AM, December 3, 2009
Alerts are offered by many databases and publishers to help you keep up-to-date with recently published articles that are relevant to your research. There are three types of alerts:
Search Alerts -- Receive automatic updates of a search every week (or other time interval)
Table of Contents Alerts -- Receive the table of contents of the most recent issue of a specific journal(s)
Citation Alerts -- Be notified when someone cites a specfic article
Results from an alert will either be sent directly to you via e-mail (or RSS feed) or made available via the free account that you set up.

An Alerts Subject Guide has been created to explain the concept and to provide details about setting up Alerts in which you may be interested.    Click on the Subject Guides tab located in the middle of the Auburn University Libraries homepage and then the All Guides link for access.

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