9:10 AM, March 9, 2012

Three library construction projects are scheduled to begin during the week of Spring Break (March 12 - 16).

1)  First Floor, Ralph Brown Draughon Library:  conversion of the auditorium for other purposes.  Crews will be knocking down walls andd tearing out the projection booth floor.  Be prepared for noise!

2)  First Floor, Ralph Brown Draughon Library:  dome lights are being converted to energy-saving fluorescent lights.  The Parking Deck Entrance will be blocked so please use the Mell Street Entrance.

3)  Third Floor, Ralph Brown Draughon Library:  a hole will be knocked in the wall between Rooms 3101C and 3101A (OIT Computer Lab) for the purpose of installing a door.  The Third Floor Computer Lab is being converted into a computer repair shop that the OIT (Office of Information Technology) hopes to have ready by the start of the Summer Semester.

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