10:10 AM, January 24, 2019

Auburn University Libraries’ Special Collections and Archives Department (SC&A) is continuing its digitization of analog tapes of Auburn University’s various programs through the past decades. Recently, two tapes in the “Auburn University Profiles” series yielded short interviews with Governor Kay Ivey that were made in May 1967, shortly after her election as the first woman Student Government Association vice president at Auburn.

These interviews may be listened to online at https://archive.org/details/AUP128Program3?

and https://archive.org/details/AUP128Program4. They offer a fascinating look into Governor Ivey’s early political career.

Auburn University Libraries’ Special Collections and Archives Department has been working through its collection of analog media and transforming them into digital files that can be readily shared with researchers worldwide.  The sheer volume of material has necessitated that this effort be a multi-year project with new discoveries being shared as they become available. It is expected that the remainder of the materials will be completed within the next two to three years.

The SC&A digitization project began when Auburn donors funded the purchase of a reel-to-reel tape deck and digitizing equipment during last year’s Tiger Giving Day. During Tiger Giving Day, projects throughout campus have 24 hours to meet their fundraising goals. Auburn University Libraries will have another project featured this year during Tiger Giving Day on Feb. 21.

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