8:46 AM, September 17, 2019

Through the generosity of Tiger Giving Day 2019 donors, over the summer Auburn University Libraries launched a pilot program placing treadmill and stationary bike desks in the Ralph Brown Draughon Library. These desks allow students to simultaneously study and engage in low-impact cardiovascular activity. The initial four exercise desks have been set up in the Learning Commons on the second floor. They are currently open to anyone wishing to try these new additions to the RBD Library’s study facilities.

“Auburn University Libraries is very pleased to be offering these new desks that not only help in the development of the student mind but also contributes to student health,” said Dr. Shali Zhang, Dean of Libraries. “We’re grateful to the donors from Tiger Giving Day 2019 that made this initial offering of treadmill and stationary bike desks possible. As we head into the fall semester, we look forward to seeing how these new desks are utilized by students.”

The concept for this Tiger Giving Day project began in 2018 when AU Libraries started looking for ideas that would impact student engagement and campus experience.

AU Libraries personnel consulted with the Department of Kinesiology’s Dr. Danielle Wadsworth, whose lab has conducted studies regarding sedentary behavior interruption and its correlating improvements to the body’s glucose utilization and how that can decrease the risk of diabetes. With their input, it was decided to make the purchase of treadmill and stationary bike desks AU Libraries’ Tiger Giving Day project.

Since their installation, these machines have already seen tremendous usage by summer students. Their usage in the fall semester will determine if the program will be expanded further in the AU Libraries.

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