11:15 AM, March 30, 2023

AU Libraries is featuring Citation management software workshops in the month of April. Please see our list of upcoming workshops that will be held in-person in RBD Library. You must register for these workshops in advance. Please find the specific workshop on the Libraries’ website (www.lib.auburn.edu) under the workshops link.

If interested in discipline specific information literacy for specific classes or additional workshops not listed, please contact Piper Cumbo plc0022@auburn.edu or contact your subject librarian (https://libguides.auburn.edu/subjectlibrarians).

April 5:

 9 a.m.:   Zotero with Kasia Leousis: RBD Library Room 2041            

Zotero is a free, easy-to-use and open access citation management tool that helps you collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources. In this workshop, you'll learn how to download Zotero, register for an account, import and organize your sources, use the built-in PDF editor, and create a formatted bibliography. We'll also practice using the Write and Cite feature that allows you to easily add citations and bibliographies from Zotero to Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

10 a.m.:  LaTex with Liza Weisbrod: RBD Library Room 2031

Learn some of the basic functions of LaTeX in order to create technical and scientific documents using mathematical expressions. Examples of the types of documents that you can create with LaTeX include articles, presentations, lab reports, and other homework assignments.

2 p.m.:    Introduction to EndNote with Piper Cumbo: RBD Library Room 2031

Auburn University students, staff, and faculty have access to an EndNote account. In this workshop, you will learn how to install EndNote from AU Install, import and organize sources, create and share groups, create a formatted bibliography, use the Write and Cite feature with Microsoft Word, and register for your MyEndNoteWeb account.

April 11:

 2:30 p.m.:  Tableau with Carrie Hill: RBD Library Room 3011

Do you need software that will help you make data visualizations for your research? Come to our introduction to Tableau for an introduction to the basics of an industry-standard software for data analytics. We’ll work together to make a first visualization to learn the ropes of importing data, selecting the right type of chart, and designing an effective visualization

April 12:

 2 p.m.:  Presentation Skills and Software with Abigail Higgins: RBD Library Room 2031

Presenting research is a vital part of the information cycle in research. This workshop will cover tips and tricks for giving clear, engaging presentations, so that you can share your discoveries with others effectively. It will also include an overview of a few software tools you can use to enhance your presentations and increase audience interactivity, and a chance to experiment with one in person.

April 18:

4 p.m.: Introduction to Systematic Reviews with Adelia Grabowsky: RBD Library Room 2031

Do you need to complete a systematic review*, but aren’t sure how to begin? This workshop examines the explicit steps that scholars take to complete a systematic review. In addition, you’ll learn how systematic reviews differ from other types of reviews, and where to find additional resources and services to help with the systematic review process.

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