11:54 AM, February 23, 2024
Start Date: 20240731

Auburn University Libraries’ Special Collections and Archives has just opened a new exhibit entitled Divine Images: Artistic Representations of Religious Imagery from the Thirteenth to Twentieth Centuries. The exhibit is located on the ground floor of the Ralph Brown Draughon Library and is open to the public.

"This exhibit explores various forms of religious illustration, spanning from the medieval period through the modern era,” said Greg Schmidt, head of the Special Collections and Archives Department. “We’re very proud of our student worker, Alexis Litteken from the History Department, that curated this exhibit under the supervision of Kasia Leousis, special collections librarian. These student-designed exhibits have been a great addition to our offerings and give the student hands-on experience that they can take into their post-graduation lives.”

The artwork in the exhibit combines symbolism with faith, providing an insight into the beliefs and artistic practices of the past. The exhibit was created from books and manuscripts available in Auburn's Special Collections and Archives and explores a diverse selection of religious understanding.

The Divine Images exhibit is scheduled to run through the end of July 2024.

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